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We're not just about filling positions; we're about enriching your team with the perfect candidates — quickly turning weeks of search into days of success.

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Success Stories

We provide IT professionals with top opportunities with weekly updates

Andrey Dzhezhora
Director of Engineering

Deciphering current salary trends from open sources was a challenge, but this survey now gives us a clear, concise, and up-to-date view. We’ve sped up our hiring by 20% through adjusting new position salaries to match market rates.

Ilya Burdinsky
HR Manager

This survey was crucial, because it helped us perform a salary review, which was lagging behind the market median by 25%. With this, we’ve decreased our staff turnover to just 5% in 2021.

Valentin Kornukh
Director of Engineering

A transparent explanation of the trends in job market. Context on why they are happening, which niche is affected, what kind of changes exactly are there in salaries and what preferences candidates have right now.


Who we are

Our IT recruitment consultancy operates on the market since 2023. During these years, we’ve staffed more than 600 positions, with almost 80+ C-level specialists, for clients from more than 40 countries.
long-term clients
180 000+
candidates in the database
16 000+
C-level candidates in the database
closed positions, 80+ for C-level

IT Recruitment Services We Deliver

Developing both as a technical recruitment company and as an HR consultancy, Talando delivers a variety of services, including:

We consult on market opportunities, gain an understanding of your corporate culture, and conduct comprehensive interviews to select top-tier talent. In the rare event a candidate does not succeed during their trial period, we offer candidate replacement free of charge. Boasting a 99.9% success rate, we frequently meet your staffing needs on the first attempt. Choose your desired expert and we’ll initiate the process for successful hiring.

Benefits of IT Recruitment with Talando
Exceptional Focus on Soft Skills

Regardless of the candidate’s expertise, they can’t become good teammates if their cultural principles aren’t aligned with the corporate ones. By differentiating companies by their types, e.g., startups or enterprises, learning the expectations of the hiring managers, and diving into the client’s needs, we can seamlessly scale your team and find the right people.

Executive Assessment Technique

To ensure candidates’ proficiency, we use our custom executive assessment technique to differentiate each candidate’s motivation and understand whether he can become an excellent match.

Cost Efficiency

For each position, we share transparent cost-per-hire and time-per-hire expectations, They are based on our reliable workflows, up-to-date market intelligence, sprawling networking, and recruiting automation solutions.

Extensive industry networking

Being a part of a reputable international IT job agency, Talando has access to resources helping staff candidates globally. Moreover, we’ve collected a database of more than 180,000 candidates, which allows us to close positions faster than other companies do.

Diverse Talent Pool

Being a recruitment agency for IT, we have a variety of tech experts in our database, with only C-level staff counting 16,000+. Moreover, we differentiate candidates by their domain, expertise, proficiency, and even soft skills.

How Our IT Recruitment Works

Identify requirements
We make an in-depth investigation of all the requirements for the vacancy, including both soft and hard skills demanded.
Learn the client’s corporate culture
Without understanding the inner workings of the client’s company, we cannot assure the best match. That is why we explore the client’s culture, values, and visions to find a candidate who shares these principles.
Sign the contract and start the search
After identifying all of the client's needs and the Ideal Candidate Profile, we sign the contract and commence the search. This ensures that we provide the client with resumes that precisely match the required characteristics.
Deliver a variety of candidates
To find the best match, we try to deliver a few most appropriate candidates instead of only one. This allows a client to have a wider variety of options and understand the market better.
Focus on the best match
Once an ideal candidate is found and approved, a client pays us a commission for the efficient search. In addition, for every candidate, we have a post-hiring guarantee; if a candidate doesn’t complete the trial period successfully, we assure to replace such a person with a new candidate for free.

This is how we work:

  • Apply methods that let find suitable solutions.
  • Perform in-depth research to identify hidden opportunities, expose hidden threats, and determine on-hand possibilities.
  • Keep the proceedings cost-effective and efficient throughout every aspect of the operation.
Contact Us for IT Recruitment Services

Drop us a line if you need a high-profile IT recruitment specialist using:

  • fast and result-driven recruitment solutions,
  • domain expertise and insights,
  • in-depth salary surveys for tech companies,
  • transparent communication and trustworthy partnership in hiring effort.

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